Swimming Pool


The Pool is currently closed. It will reopen around memorial day 2016

Thank You
Lisa Rafer


A few more facts pertaining to the pool this year.

1)         The pool is now non-smoking area.  We have set of a spot for smokers on the deck near sales center.

2)        The codes have been shanged. Please do not give out the pool code to non-residents, and please do not yell out the code when people are locked out.  We have had a lot  of  damage done to the locker rooms.  This will help keep the HOA costs down for replacement of broken items.

3)         We are still replacing tables and chairs and a few additions will be made.

The pool hours  will be 9-dark.  This will give time for the morning cleaning to be done.

Thank you all for your help.

The new codes were emailed out to all homeowners. If you are a resident and don’t have the code please fill out a contact us request to the pool committee and the codes will be sent to you.

Resort to Us is the company who will be taking care of our pool this season.


This certificate is awarded by the county.

This certificate is awarded by the county.

Last Updated: October 15, 2015